Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Innovative Design Ideas for Small Patios or Balconies

Everyone likes to entertain friends and family, especially on summer nights. If you have a small balcony or patio, this can be a challenge to get everyone outside and visiting comfortably. This article will go over some tips and tricks that make it easier to get the most out of your small deck or patio.

1. Utilize Every Inch of Floor Space

A small balcony or patio won't have a lot of floor space to begin with, so things like folding or collapsable chairs might be too big and cumbersome to try and jam in the small area. You can opt instead for pillows or bean bags to give your guests a unique experience, and this sets the mood for a more casual gathering. When you are picking out your pillows or bean bags, make sure the fabrics are outdoor approved and can handle the elements. A small rolling grill is a nice touch as well, and it can be stored somewhere else when it's not being used.

2. Maximize Your Corner Spaces
If you maximize all of your space and get furniture that is designed to go into the corner, like outdoor armless chairs. They can be repositioned as needed and will create an intimate gathering space. You can pull it all together with a beautiful area rug. A square ottoman can double as a table or extra seat; potted plants can further frame the area in, and candles can set the mood for your gathering.

3. Decorate Small Balconies by Utilizing Walls or Rails

If you can, add wood tiles or faux stone panels to the floor of your space for a touch of elegance. A cushioned storage bench can double as a seating area, and find things like shelves and planters to hang on your railings.

4. Add a Small Outdoor Kitchen

Many people dream of the perfect outdoor kitchen space, and you can still have it with a small patio or balcony. Start by purchasing a small grill, and add a side table or rolling carts for counter space. Make sure your cart or table has a bar for hanging utensils and towels and a small bin for garbage or an ice bucket. For added privacy, back your grill with a beautiful screen and finish with outdoor lights.

5. Vertical Wall Garden

You can add height and color to your small area by installing a vertical flower garden. You can add a small folding table and chairs that store away when they're not in use, and finish the area with outdoor lighting.

6. Turn a Small Window into a High Seating Arrangement
If you have a window that opens out, you can add a ledge and barstools for a unique seating area. You can even add a cabinet and small tabletop grill for entertaining, and enclose the area in with latticework for an intimate feel.

7. Incorporate Nesting Furniture

Nesting furniture can be a great addition to any small space. You can add a set of nesting tables for counter space, and look for a small nesting bench that will double as more seating areas. Next, add some plants and faux stone panels for an elegant touch.

Having a small patio or balcony can be creatively challenging, but with a little innovation, you can turn this space into the perfect gathering place.

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